Obesity 4

Other things about obesity

1.  Someone somewhere may be fit but fat, but you are not one of them.  And you’ll never be one of them either.

2.  Losing even ten or twenty pounds can have positive health benefits.

3. Set goals and evaluate how you are doing at regular intervals. Every month or so, do a self-assessment and see how you are doing. Above all avoid gaining weight.

4.  People who are overweight or obese know they are. They don’t need you to remind them or scold them. Be nice. It’s not easy to keep the weight off.

5. Obesity is not a personal moral failure, it’s a social (group) moral failure.

6. Avoid drugs and over the counter weight loss aids. They are unsafe or ineffective. Though surgery may help if you are severely obese.

7. Being too thin is a health risk as well. There are a lot of people with eating disorders and they need professional help and everyone’s deep sympathy and support.

8. There may be a sweet spot for maximum longevity around a BMI of about 26. This is just over the oversight line. But the maximum for overall good health is lower than that, squarely in the normal weight category.

9. Smoking to keep the weight off may work, but it’s extremely wrong.

10.  Weight lifting is a critical part of healthy living. Everyone who can and should do it.

11.  Buying cheap exercise equipment (and expensive equipment) so you’ll work out at home rarely works because most people don’t have the self-motivation to use it consistently.

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