Obesity 3

Physical activity

1.  It’s impossible to get enough physical activity solely by going to the gym. No one who is gainfully employed or in a relationship (or looking for one) can get to the gym consistently enough.

2.  Therefore, you are going to have to incorporate physical activity into your day to day life. This means walking a half hour a day. Every day, good weather and bad.

3. Long commutes are bad for your health. You’ll never make up the time and you’ll spend far too much time sitting and being stressed.

4.  Even a little regular physical activity is good if you are sedentary.

5. Take the stairs.  Park further from your office or the mall entrance. Every step adds up.

6. Unless you are a college athlete, too much exercise doesn’t help. After about a half hour of vigorous physical activity, the marginal benefit declines.

7. It’s hard to get to the gym every day. And that fifth straight day at the gym doesn’t get you too much. Your body needs some rest.

8. Based purely on personal observation at the gym, one mistake beginners make is to spend too much time stretching. Five minutes is enough (there is little evidence that stretching helps prevent injuries though it may be good for long term heal and flexibility). But I’ve seen people spend half an hour or more stretching. They stretch rather than exercise. Not good. You only have so much time.

9. A personal trainer can be a great way to get fit or meet fitness goals. But not all are good. Avoid those that emphasize strange exercises that require help to perform. Or trainers that have you do dangerous exercises.

10. For me at least, there really is an exercise high where I feel invigorated. Try to see if you have can get there too

11. The advantage of a gym is that it is socially acceptable to check out the good looking bodies. But be discreet. Don’t be creepy.

12. Walking to get frozen yogurt does not improve health and fitness.

13. Don’t sit. Stand up every 15-20 minutes and walk some. This is good for your weight, back muscles, and eyes.

14. Walking seems to be good for mental health and avoiding cognitive decline. Walk. Walk as much and often as you can.

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