Obesity 2

13. Unless you have a serious chronic illness, don’t bother with gluten free or other fad diets. If they appear to help, it’s most likely a placebo effect you’re experiencing. The other problem is that the more restrictive a diet is, the harder it is to keep to it.

14. If you do have a serious chronic illness, then definitely explore gluten free or other types of special diets. Though the science isn’t there yet, the anecdotal evidence is intriguing.

15. Don’t ever feed your children chicken tenders. Humanity existed for 100,000 years before they were invented. They may get you through a few picky eating years, but you’re setting your child up for a lifetime of bad eating habits and a taste for over indulging in salty processed fried food.

16. Keep adults away from the blue cheese and ranch dressings. Most salad dressings. They are all fat, salts, and sugar. You might as well put MnMs on your salad.

17. A little wine with dinner is good for you. If you have a substance abuse problem, No! Avoid any and all wine. Otherwise, have a glass at dinner. Just one glass. And maybe you shouldn’t drive after that.

18. Needing 8 glasses of water a day is a myth. But why not drink water instead if a soda or sweetened fruit drink.

19. Avoid sodas and most fruit drinks. They are bad whether sugar free or not.

20. Fasting may be good for spiritual health, but not for physical health. Do not fast.

21. A cleanse is pure pseudo-science. Avoid taking any advice from anyone who tells you it’s a good thing.

22. If it’s on the Internet, chances are it’s pure bunk.

23. Telling someone to talk to their doctor is the medical equivalent of the fine print in your cell phone contract. Your doctor doesn’t know because they weren’t trained in nutrition. The person giving you the advice is just covering their butt so they won’t get sued.

24. At any given meal, half your plate should be fruits and vegetables. Then some starch, preferably whole grain, then just a tiny amount of neat, if any. Eat your vegetables and fruits first.

25. Some things have to be eliminated from your daily life. Sorry, but no mochas, smoothies, cupcakes, etc.  You grew up without a daily dose of these things, be a child and go without them again.

26. But limited your food intake does not mean a life of deprivation. Go for better quality food and savor what you do eat. And if it doesn’t taste great, don’t eat it.

28. Don’t grocery shop when you are hungry. You’ll be more likely to buy things that are bad for you.

29. Develop a repertoire of healthy, easy and quick to make meals. Then make them.

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