Obesity 1

Obesity 1

Having spent fifteen years researching obesity related topics, here is my take on how to achieve a healthy weight.

1.  Some scientists say that to lose a pound you must eat 3500 calories less than you burn, this is based on simple thermodynamics models. But because the human body can adjust its efficiency at using calories, the reality might be higher and the deficit may be over 4000 calories per pound. It’s not going to be easy to avoid weight gain or to lose weight

2. In general, each individual’s body does establish its own equilibrium point between calorie consumption and energy expenditure. Some scientists say that it is very difficult to change this point. Unfortunately, it is easy to adjust it up so that the body requires more food and tries to maintain itself at a higher weight. That’s one reason it’s so hard to lose weight and one reason that your first goal should be to not gain weight.

3. No one knows how many calories are in anything by just looking at it. No one knows what a portion size is.  So you have to drastically overestimate your portion sizes and underestimate calories per portion to be on the safe side.  Better still, check product information when you can.

4. Plan ahead. Check restaurant web sites for menus and calorie information if you can.

5.  Use small plates. They seem to trick the eye into believing you are eating more and the result is that you will eat fewer calories.

6. Avoid processed foods. They tend to have too many calories and too much salt. Sugar too.

7.  Eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can. But fried, salted, sugared, and buttered ones must be avoided.

8. Never finish a meal. Share or save for later. Never join the clean plate club

9. Never eat until you are groggy full. Well on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and your birthday you may. No other times.

10.  Those healthy alternatives at fast food restaurants?  Don’t believe it. They lie.  “Healthy items” often contain fats, processed chemicals, sugars, and who knows what else.

11. Meatless Mondays?  How about going the opposite and only eat meat once a week. Or only on special occasions? Or not at all?

12. Unless you are a woman of childbearing age, eat more fish. Women of childbearing age should also eat fish, but be careful to eat only fish from low on the food chain.

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