First, let’s get rid of pedestrians

Not to pick on Provincetown, Massachusetts, but the mindset there is typical of the prejudices in the US regarding pedestrians.  Macmillan wharf is a multimodal site where as many as 5,000 people travel by ferry to and from Boston and there are multiple other travelers on whale watches and fishing expeditions.  About a half dozen cars meet each ferry as well as a half dozen taxis.  So what group gets yelled out by the harbor authorities to stay in line?  The pedestrians!  They are yelled at to stand to the side, to keep out of car and parking lanes, etc.  They are the group least accomodated on the pier, even though the vast majority of people leave the wharf on foot.  Typical.

Plus. In an effort to maximize town revenue, the limited pedestrian space is cluttered with souvenir stands and excursion sellers.  Again, the pedestrians lose.  Again. Typical.  It’s a national problem.

The line of people waiting for the ferry to Boston.

















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