Observations of a bike sharing enthusiast

As an avid user of Boston’s Hubway bike sharing system, I have the following observations:

1. Location is critical. I won’t walk more than a few blocks to or from a bike sharing station. If I have to walk further, it’s not worth it.

2. Using the system vastly increases productivity. I spend much less time in transit.

3. Most users don’t use helmets. (But as a public health person, I do – not that I don’t have concerns about public policy that focuses on helmets)

4. The website and app showing the status of docking stations are essential for using the service. Otherwise, one risks not finding the bike station or there may be no bikes or docking places

5. Using the system is way cool. People smile and wave at you when you are on one if te bikes.

6. The bikes are clunky. But that adds to the physical activity benefits. .

7. Bike sharing is no substitute for expensive infrastructure improvements. A cycle track is better than  bike sharing.

Congrats to the City of Boston for making this service available.

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