Building American Public Health: A Plea for Understanding

The conclusion:

Urbanism in the United States is alive and thriving. New immigrants have brought a burst of color and energy to once dull communities, and it appears that many of the scars caused by mid-twentieth-century urban renewal are at last healing. Therefore, the future, as much as we can tell, looks bright. The current wave of urban development, which came to an end as recession took hold, has left its mark on US cities, and future observers looking back at our era, just as we have looked back at other times, will be able to identify the goals, concerns, and aspirations of our time through our architecture. They will be able to reconstruct our ideologies, values, and assumptions by examining our buildings, blocks, and metropolitan areas; and they will judge us, just as we have judged those who came before us. May they be sympathetic to our shortcomings. Let us hope that we will impress the people of the future and inspire future generations to take action as much as those who have come before us have impressed the people of our time and have inspired us to reach toward a more healthful tomorrow.

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