Breat Cancer Disparities

The goal of this graph is to make you angry:













What this chart suggests is that while there has been about a 20% reduction in White female breast cancer death  rates since the 1970s, Black female breast cancer death rates have increased. Why?



Here are some of the risk factors for breast cancer:  Age – but the rates are age adjusted so that shouldn’t be a factor here.  Later date of first pregnancy – but the age of Blacks and whites at first pregnancy are about the same, as are overall fertility rates.  Mammography rates – these are also now about the same (thank you to everyone who worked on reducing this disparity).  Obesity  – Black female obesity rates are higher, but isn’t this more of a symptom of disparity than a cause?  Genetics – no genetic factors have been identified that would account for these disparities.

So we are left with a mystery.  And a disgrace.

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