Demographic changes

The New York Times and other media had articles yesterday about how the US population is changing.  According to a report by the Brookings Institute, written by William Frey, ten states had a majority minority population in 2010, up from four in 2000 and more are on the way.  The US under 18 population is soon going to be  majority minority and the overall population will reach that landmark sometime before 2040 or so. The changes are being driven primarily by the increase in Hispanic children, particularly Mexican children (many of these children are now second or third generation).

No one knows what this might mean for  the health of US cities.  The problem will not be assimilation on the part of these children.  Studies show that by the third generation, speaking Spanish is lost.  These kids are as American as can be.

A greater problem is the accommodation of the larger US society.  Can we get these kids into college?  Good paying jobs?  Will they be able to access the better jobs , and become part of the decision making infrastructure of our country.  Except for a handful of mayors over the years (San Antonio, San Jose, and Los Angeles) and a few governors and senators, few Latinos have reached the higher reaches of politics.  Major foundations are run by non-Latinos, few Fortune 500 companies have Latino heads, etc.  This does not bode well for the future.

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